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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bobby Campbell connects the dots

Bobby Campbell's comment to my recent Grant Morrison posting is so interesting I want to turn it into a blog posting, in case anyone missed it:

Here's a fun little game of connect the dots I like to play...

"Illuminatus!" seems to have obviously influenced "The Invisibles," and "The Invisibles" seems to have obviously influenced "The Matrix."

"It's really simple. The truth of that one is that design staff on The Matrix were given Invisibles collections and told to make the movie look like my books. This is a reported fact." - Grant Morrison

He elucidates further:

An interesting exercise in iteration!


michael said...

It stands to reason - or speculation? - that the info-density of Illuminatus! serves as a font for many such daisy-chains. Or probably more accurately, it WILL serve as seed.

There's probably a growth going on right now.

It just makes sense.

Jason said...

I first heard of RAW through Grant Morrison; the reason GM was big-time pissed off at the Wachowlski brothers was that they in their turn never bothered to credit their influences. But Morrison had some sort of last laugh when surveying the Matrix sequels: "They should have carried on stealing from me..."

Ewan said...

and RAW was also inspired by Von Neumann. A lot of Von Neumann's work was inspired by the matrix, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

That was a great SG interview of Morrison. His response when asked if meditation can create the same states as drugs is typical of GM's no-nonsense attitude:

"That's not true but I do understand what he's trying to say. Theoretically, you can recreate all states of consciousness just by thinking about them but having tried both meditation and drugs and often both at the same time I'm not sure about this one. It's a bit like saying you can recreate the feeling of a Thanksgiving Dinner using meditation. Maybe you could but why would you? Meditation can take you to some places that some drugs can also take you too but I don't believe meditation can reproduce a full-on acid experience or a high dose mushroom or DMT trip, nor would it be helpful if it did. It can reproduce something like an ecstasy experience. Meditators who claim they can recreate all of these drug states are probably either unfamiliar with the drugs or they're being slightly disingenuous about the whole issue.