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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remembering RAW

I finally got a chance to listen to Robert Anton Wilson Remembered, the new spoken word audio recording that Joseph Matheny put together and has just released.

It's rather short for an audiobook — one hour and 17 minutes — but it only set me back $4. I thought I got my $4 worth. I enjoyed the pieces by Douglas Rushkoff, Antero Alli, Tiffany Lee Brown and David Brown. I guess I'm not on Zac Odin's wavelength. The Joseph Matheny piece was pleasant, but I already knew the good parts from reading what he wrote on the Internet when he released the liner notes for Robert Anton Wilson: The Lost Studio Session, which I also enjoyed.

1 comment:

Neil_in_Chicago said...

Has anyone done Remembering Arlen?
She may have been the quiet member of the team, but easily was Bob's equal.
I figured that with all the old radio collectors & such, I might be able to track down some of her credits with Orson Welles, but I Googled recently and came up empty.