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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I hear from 'Alien Code'

I have been re-reading Cosmic Trigger I, one of my favorites, which as you'll recall is largely about possible contacts with alien intelligences. (RAW is careful not to provide any absolute answers. This didn't save him from being an object of fun in Charles Platt's Dream Makers, but really,I think it's an awesome fun.

Anyway, I'm struck by the fact that I'm more than 100 pages into the book, and my Twitter account (@jacksontom) is now being followed by @Alien_Code_2020, who explains in the profile, "After a near death experience on 22 Jan 2010 and huge Supernatural encounter on May 1, 2010, I have been receiving messages about the truth. Please Re-tweet :)" (Aliens are going to contact Earth on July 1, 2020. You'll learn other stuff, too.)

Coincidence, you say? Alien Code begs to differ. "There are NO co-incidences... TIMING is Everything." (May 8).


michael said...

IIRC, Eric Wagner recalled that RAW said the Platt interview was unfriendly from the get-go.

BrentQ said...
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BrentQ said...

This post was kind of synchronicitous for me as I'm currently reading Terence McKenna's True Hallucinations. In it he explains how his experiences in the jungle on high amounts of psilocybin mushrooms provoked a contact experience with a UFO.

It was very reminiscent of RAW's Cosmic Trigger experiences on LSD and mescaline that prompted seeing green men and receiving information from Sirius.

I would be very curious as to whether RAW and Terence ever met in real life and what they thought of each other's work etc. They both seemed to be men of massive intellect and eruditon, lecturing and writing about similar subjects.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@SatoriGuy, I'm sure they knew each other. For example, they were in a movie together!

Neil_in_Chicago said...

A disciple who was required to report his dreams was very troubled to see some of the great saints in Hell. His master explained, "You saw the saints, and you saw flames. The fires of Hell are between your current state and the state of the saints."

Having an experience does not, in and of itself, necessarily bestow the capability of interpreting the experience.

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