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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Should ILLUMINATUS! be a movie?

At Pegasus News, apparently a news site based in Dallas, Todd Maternowski composes a list of "11 Books/toys/comics that should be made into movies." ILLUMINATUS! makes the list.

He writes, "#5 - The Illuminatus Trilogy: Robert Anton Wilson's epic counterculture fantasy/detective/occult/mystery/sci-fi novel of drugs, sex, magic, Nazis and intergalactic conspiracies makes The Da Vinci Code look like a barcode on a box of tampons. There's simply never been a more entertaining and enlightening conspiracy story ever made, period."

There's an illustration for the entry, apparently showing a group of devils, which says, "Just think of the marketing toy-ins and Happy Meal toys!"

ILLUMINATUS! seems more of a miniseries to me, given the length and complexity of the work, but I don't pretend to be a movie expert.


dylan said...
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dylan said...

I would love to see the Illuminatus trilogy on something like masterpiece theatre. Like 20 2 hour episodes. Something that would never end, as long as it was done well.

methuselah said...

I absolutely would love to see IT as a movie. I have very vivid illustrations in my mind when I read it. The way that RAW wrote IT, it could be a movie that would blow away the great surrealistic movies we see now. Right now, I'm watching Heavy Metal and was thinking...animated maybe? If this goes on long enough without a movie...I'll have to draft up a screen play myself.

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