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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Lovecraft ebook

Ruth, aka Cthulu Chick, has created a free ebook of the Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft in two formats -- EPUB (useful for the Nook) and Kindle (as in the Amazon device).

EPUB is a standard for electronic publishing used on many different devices. To find out what you need to read the Complete Works on your particular computer, phone or gadget, see the Wikipedia article. You may need to experiment with different file formats and software book readers to find something that works with your particular device. Mobi seems to work better in Ubuntu than EPUB, at least on my machine.

If you've read ILLUMINATUS!, you'll probably remember that the plot incorporates the Cthulu Mythos and that Lovecraft himself appears as a character in the book.

For more on Lovecraft, see Dan Clore's Necronomicon site.

Lovecraft as a substitute teacher here (via Supergee.)

RAW on Lovecraft (from the excellent Lewis Shiner interview):

Were you a Lovecraft fan before you got into Illuminatus?

I was a Lovecraft fan since I was about 12. I think it was when I was 12 I heard "The Dunwich Horror" with Ronald Coleman as the narrator. It impressed the hell out of me. I started looking for Lovecraft and I couldn't find any Lovecraft books, but I found a few short stories by him in anthologies. Then when I was 14 I found a whole book of Lovecraft, edited by August Derleth. So Lovecraft has been a passion with me most of my life. I like the way he uses techniques that make you think, "Gee, maybe this isn't fiction." That fascinates me, because doubt lasts longer than faith and provokes thought rather than discouraging it.

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