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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jokes for intellectuals

I am posting this link to a collection of jokes for intellectuals because I am certain RAW would have thought they were funny.

A couple of samples:

A solipsist's pick up line: "would you sleep with me if I were the last man on earth?"

A guy walks into a sandwich shop and sees a sign that reads, "Home of the Meanest Grilled Cheese in Town." So he orders the grilled cheese. When his bill arrives the waitress asks him how he liked the sandwich. "Eh, it was about average."

Via Supergee's above average blog.


Eric Wagner said...

Reviewing a PBS program on intelligent dogs, a television columnist jokes that while some dogs may be smart, his lhasa apso always breaks down in the middle of the "Rach 3."
- from Opera and the Morbidity of Music by Joseph Kerman (great book).

alt com said...

The short statement may not work as a pick-up line, but is a good punch line.