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Monday, August 9, 2010

Page 100 of ILLUMINATUS!

Apparently I am even less hip to popular culture than I realized, because I never heard before of the Page 100 Project, which consists of adapting page 100 from a novel into a comic. Otter Disaster takes up the cause on behalf of ILLUMINATUS!, here.

(Hat tip to Nick Helweg-Larsen of England, who kindly pointed me to this. You didn't know Raw Illumination had a foreign correspondent, did you?)


Eric Wagner said...

I find it interesting how the central sex magick rite experienced by Joe Malik appears on page 115 (5 * 23).

otterdisaster said...

When I chose Illuminatus! for the project I was hoping for something a little more action oriented on pg 100, but I ended up enjoying the challenge of keeping the panel layouts interesting in the dialog heavy Simon/Pederastia conversation.
Thanks for reading!