Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Robert Anton Wilson and 'Lost'

The number '23' came up a lot in the "Lost" TV series, and not coincidentally, one of the executive producers cites Robert Anton Wilson as an influence.

"My father was into the Illuminati and the number 23, so he was a big
reader of Robert Anton Wilson. So there was some intentionality behind
it, but we had no idea, no grand design behind the Numbers. But
suddenly, the No. 1 question stopped being ”What is the Monster?” and
went to being ”What do the Numbers mean?” This isn’t to say that the
Numbers don’t mean anything. We just had no idea it had this potential
to get totally out of control," says Damon Lindelof in this interview.

"The only number was always sort of a key number was 23, and anybody who knows anything about Robert Anton Wilson or any of his writing can read into that what they will. That’s an important number in terms of the scheme of the show." Another Lindelof quote, cited here.

(Via Buddhafart.org, which notes that "Lost" is available on Hulu.com)


michael said...

It seems the 23 Enigma ought rightfully "be" established with William S. Burroughs.

In an interview with Richard Metzger, circa 2003:

RM: What is the 23 enigma?

RAW: Well, William S. Burroughs told me about the 23 enigma back around 1965. He had observed a lot of coincidences connected with the number 23 and as soon as he told me that _I_ started noticing coincidences involving the number 23..." -p.20 _Disinformation: The Interviews_, Metzger.

Royal Academy of Reality 1132 said...

_Lost_ seems so long ago now. I do love it, though. My wife, stepson and I, all huge Lost fans, have become hooked on _The Big Bang Theory_.