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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Oz Fritz on Finnegans Wake, the Book of the Dead and the Bardo

Oz Fritz has a new blog post up, "Joyce, Crowley and the Book of the Dead," which argues that the Egyptian Book of the Dead is a big influence on Finnegans Wake (Oz does a good job of documenting that this assertion is true). 

There's also a lot of discussion about the Bardo, a topic Oz often returns to. Oz doesn't use labels on his blog posts, but if you search for "bardo" in the text box on the upper left, you'll get pieces that will tell you more. The first post that popped up in my search was "How to Conquer Death on the Internet Part II," and the first subsection in that post is entitled, "What Is the Bardo?" 

At the end of the new post, Oz writes, "Stay tuned for the next episode which will go into some of the Bardo/Book of the Dead influences found in the work of Robert Anton Wilson who was deeply influenced by both Joyce and Crowley." We'll be reading, Oz. 

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Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you for posting this, Tom.