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Thursday, November 16, 2023

PQ on being in the Guardian

Peter Quadrino (photo from X)

I had missed it when I wrote yesterday's blog post, but Peter Quadrino has weighed in about being featured in the Guardian's article about the Gerry Fialka reading group for Finnegans Wake. Excerpt: 

"I am honored to be a part of this celebration of Wake reading groups around the world. The author, Lois Beckett, did a great job covering the oddity of one-page-a-meeting reading groups dedicated to Joyce's bizarre night-book. To look at a global newspaper and see the front page with all the wars and turmoil and then have this article appear next to all of it feels like a celebration of the eternal forces of creativity and imagination. Poetry, the realm of the mind, the joy of art, language and humanity, remains undefeated."

More here. 

1 comment:

PQ said...

Thank you, Tom. The story made it into WaPo as well:

I've learned alot about media relations thru all of this. It's an odd feeling seeing my words in quotes in these major news outlets. My girlfriend is relishing giving me a hard time for my quote about the reading group being the most fulfilling thing in my life.

No matter what, it's thrilling to see Finnegans Wake group news bringing some light to the very dark news cycle, and I'm proud to contribute.