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Monday, November 6, 2023

Movie in the works about Illuminatus! play and Ken Campbell

 Grant McPhee, the Scottish film director, cinematographer and writer

A Scottish movie director named Grant McPhee is making a movie about the Illuminatus! play and the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun. He has posted a teaser clip on X that includes Peter O'Halligan, Ken Campbell, Jim Broadbent, Chris Langham, Robert Anton Wilson, Bill Drummond and Chris Bernard. I particularly liked the brief clip of Robert Shea talking. 

As the clip is not on YouTube, I can't embed the video here. When I asked McPhee on X about embedding the video and for details of the movie, he replied, "Only on Twitter for a few days Tom. Details of the full film release will be here, sooner than later. Thanks!"

McPhee has directed some movies I want to try  and has written a book about Scottish postpunk rock music, he seems quite interesting, see the Wikipedia bio  and also his official page.  I am  now following him on Twitter/X and will provide more information about the upcoming movie as it becomes available, so stay tuned. 

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