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Friday, April 15, 2011

More RAW inspiration

I'm using to reading about how Robert Anton Wilson's writings have inspired other writers and inspired musicians.

But apparently his work also inspires other creative types, including pro wrestlers.

A.V. Club Philadelphia has run an interview with Mike Quackenbush, who runs Chikara, an independent professional wrestling company. Here's my favorite part of the exchange:

AVC: Where does the inspiration for the masks and colorful characters come from?

MQ: All the usual places—comic books, Mystery Science Theater 3000, anime, the works of Robert Anton Wilson, the Christmas Eve telephone rants of my shut-in Aunt Ruth, and Monkees lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Why not? There's one in Masks of the Illuminati.

LJ said...

In music there must be lots of influences, but some not so obvious.

Bill Laswell's "Cosmic Trigger" on Axiom Ambient: Lost on the Translation" is almost certainly a reference.

Coldcut's "Everything is Out of Control" definitely is.