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Dualism objects

Toy fire truck

Barbie doll




Turkey feather

Piece of balsa wood


Rubber ball

Piece of hard wood, such as birch

"Ghetto blaster" portable stereo

Pornographic novel

Philosophical treatise by Bishop George Berkeley


Eric Wagner said...

What a pretty page! They all seem good to me today. I love seeing the Phil Farmer cover. I found myself thinking about PJF this morning and his novel The Unreasoning Mask. I first heard of Khidr in that book, I think. The book reminded me of Star Trek, and I remember Phil wrote a Star Trek script which the show rejected. I wonder if that script became The Unreasoning Mask.

Eric Wagner said...

My inner redneck considers the two books and the ghetto blaster unAmerican and the rest American. Another part of me considers a pornographic novel about Tarzan and Doc Savage as quinticentially American.